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Brain Training Light Therapy With RoXiva


Transformational Self-Discovery Through Immersive Light & Sound Experiences

Imagine stepping into a world where your mind's potential is the key to transforming your daily experience. RoXiva, a cutting-edge device that merges stroboscopic light and sound, invites you into a relaxed or inspired state that's uniquely yours. Known also as a hypnagogic light machine, RoXiva uses audio-visual brainwave entrainment to tune into your brain's natural rhythms, enhancing your mental and physical state in ways you have to feel to believe.

Your journey with RoXiva is deeply personal and tailored to your needs. Each session is designed to synchronize with your brain's unique frequencies, allowing you to shift from your current state to one of profound relaxation or heightened inspiration.


As you lie back and close your eyes, our therapist will be right there with you, ensuring your comfort and guiding you safely through the experience. From serene, meditative states to exhilarating, drug-free psychedelic explorations, the experiences RoXiva offers are as diverse as they are transformative.

This isn't just about escaping stress or seeking a momentary uplift; it's about consistently accessing a tool that empowers you to redefine the boundaries of your mental and emotional wellbeing. With RoXiva, you're not just passing through life, you're mastering it, one session at a time. Let's embark on this journey together, where you're the hero rediscovering the vast potential within.


Benefits & Effects of Brain Light Therapy

Amongst a long list of benefits and effects, here are the top benefits and effects of light therapy.

Deep Meditation

The advantages of meditation are widely known, as it enables us to establish a mental space for unrestricted thinking, separate from the daily stressors of our hectic lives. By engaging in light and sound meditation, one can attain altered states of consciousness that typically require extensive meditation experience. When combined with other methods, the benefits can be magnified.

Improve Mental Health & Relieve Stress

Looking to unwind, release tension, and boost your mental well-being? Now, there’s a tool that can help you achieve in mere minutes what would normally take years of practice to master. With stress and anxiety being major struggles in today’s fast-paced world, having access to a system that enables you to lie back and relax while listening to music along with proven relaxation frequencies is truly a gift. Additionally, this combination can help you enhance your focus, and imagination, and induce deep relaxation – making it a potent tool for promoting mental health.

Creative Inspiration and Mood Enhancement

Those utilizing this technology encompass creatives such as performers, composers, and innovators, and they express gratitude for the imaginative sparks it ignites. The combination of captivating visuals and transformative states of mind bring forth novel concepts and provoke inspiration. Regularly, individuals attest to a heightened sense of well-being, instilling more drive to accomplish tasks. The use of particular brainwave frequencies and the resulting relaxation and transcendent states contribute to this improvement in mental state. Naturally, improved mood translates to improved performance.

Psychedelic and Immersive Journeys

These sessions are incredibly enjoyable and you’ll be amazed by the psychedelic lights that can take you on a wild trip or help you relax in a colorful world without drugs. There are subtle experiences for drifting off into a dream state, as well as more intense ones like ‘Crystal LSD’ and ‘Spaceship Dream’. The most extreme sessions were created in collaboration with music artists, such as ‘RoXiva K-Ketamine’ and ‘DMT-Talamasca Trip’, and users often report unique and rare experiences.

Pain Relief

Visual brainwave entrainment has been found to provide unexpected advantages, among them being alleviation from pain. Numerous individuals have reported experiencing relief from migraine, PMS, and chronic long-term pain after using brainwave entrainment. In some cases, improvements were observed in just a few sessions. Under medical guidance, individuals have reduced or entirely eliminated pain that conventional medications failed to address.

Sleep Improvement

We have created customised sessions that aim to establish typical wakeful brain patterns and enhance the profound levels of brain function wherein restoration, rejuvenation, detoxification, and memory retention occur.

Out-of-body and Awakening Experiences

Enlightenment is a transformative voyage that unites an individual’s connection to both themselves and the universe. This expedition can include a variety of experiences such as lucid dreaming, astral projection, out-of-body experiences, and inner explorations of insight and epiphany. These occurrences are often sudden and intense and can be a part of one’s path to living an awakened existence. Some people have even undergone experiences similar to a near-death encounter, resulting in a significant shift in their perspective and experience of life.

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