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About Us

  Thrive Labs Knows Biohacking Therapy

For the latest biohacking treatments and advancements, Thrive Labs is your go-to solution. We hit the ground running early with biohacking therapy, partnering with experts to ensure that you get the best care by licensed and trained technicians who can get you the best possible results.


Our Story

ThriveLabs is South Africa’s first biohacking facility, run by a group of individuals who have many years of experience in personal optimisation. Having experienced various treatments firsthand, the ThriveLabs team have selected those that were found to be the most beneficial to complement our vision.

Biohacker\ bi-ō-ha-ker\ noun, plural
Synonyms: Bio-Thriver
An individual who uses science and technology to make their body function better and more efficiently.

Thrive Labs is committed to providing the tremendous benefits of biohacking therapy to all of our clients throughout Bryanston, Sandton . We've seen the ways that our modes of therapy have changed lives and brought about a better quality of living. We are experts at our craft and promise to provide a safe, rejuvenating experience for every person who is healthy enough to receive treatment.


 We know that all people can benefit from the incredible effects: pain relief, muscle recovery, toxin cleansing, improved immune health, and so on. That's why we strive to provide specialized therapy at a reasonable rate that all people can afford. We're passionate about health care, and that's why we are bringing the latest ingenuity in biohacking therapy to everyone willing to give it a try and experience its amazing benefits.


Thrive Labs is a team of specialists who are experienced and educated on the safe application of biohacking therapy. We're passionate about helping you enhance your mental and physical performance, recover from injury and illness, and rekindle a healthy and youthful life.


We help clients recover from injury, reduce bodily inflammation, and experience a whole host of health benefits offered by our biohacking therapies. Our team stays up to date on the latest techniques and solutions for your benefit. 


At Thrive Labs, our mission is simple. We believe that health, healing and optimization of every individual is achievable by anyone that wishes to.

Image by Seth Doyle

Monica Bylos

“Thrive Labs helped me recover from a traumatic car accident quicker than I could have imagined...or any doctor or physiotherapist for that matter!


I broke my pelvis in 2 places, 4 ribs, punctured lung and a traumatic head injury. I did multiple sessions with Thrive including ozone therapy, cold exposure, supplements and red light therapy and i was able to complete my university final exams with distinctions the next month and get back to training a martial art within 3-4 months.

Thank you ThriveLabs!”

Yolanda Mitchell

“Thanks Mark for the wonderful service...I thought I'm losing my partner on Sunday morning...a recovering covid patient..he had no appetite..oxygen levels were very low..pale and shaky. But then we found you on Facebook...the moment I called you said bring him in..Thanks for the treatment...the follow-up calls every day...the advice..We could see a difference on the second day of treatment..

He's oxygen levels are normal now..he has appetite..he has energy..he can see even clear and better now...ThAnk you Lord for a second chance in blessed Mark and team.”

Madelaine Taylor

“It makes my body feel great and turns out to be a great way of dealing with my anxiety. I always feel refreshed and healthier, which makes me feel more capable.”

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