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Hate being sick? Do this....

We all hate being sick, and the thing is we can feel when it's coming. Unfortunately either we are too lazy to do anything about it or we just not sure what to do to fight it with enough force to keep it at bay. the follow points have excellent results with reducing the symptoms of your flu or cold. It is important to note that although these remedies / practices are extremely effective, the timing and consistency of them are as important. So load up before you get sick and start include the practices as a lifestyle rather than a last resort, so you are ready to rock and roll when you feel it coming. I have included links where you can find each of the purchasable items. The moment you feel you might be getting sick, start on the below 6 points and I guarantee you a very very mild cold/flu that follows, if any illness at all.

6 Things to do to shorten the severity & length of colds this winter:

These lozenges have been know to reduce length & severity of cold & flu symptoms up to 80%. Keep a box or 2 at home and take 5-6 per day as soon as you feel any niggle suggesting cold or flu is setting in. You'll be amazed at the results

2. Morning Sun and supplementing with Vitamin D:

Has been shown in studies to dramatically reduce the chances of respiratory infection as well as reducing the length &severity of colds & flu. Researchers pooled data from 25 studies that included more than 10,000 participants. Not forgetting improved hormone production, balanced circadian rhythm, reduced inflammation & better cellular energy production.

3. Cold exposure: Cold showers & ice baths reduces inflammation, increases white blood cells circulating through the body & through lymphatic drainage removes toxins from the body, helping you fight off any nasty bugs. Other benefits include fat burning, mental health & focus, improved recovery, increased energy.

4. Elderberry: This amazing fruit can be found as wine, syrup, drops and capsule. It has been show to have potent immunostimulant effects. In fact a 2016 study showed it to significantly reduce symptoms & duration of colds and flu in air travellers, another study in the journal of international medical research found that if taken in correct doses within 48 hours of symptom onset, it reduces the duration of symptoms by 4 days on average.

5. Bone Broth: Bone broth is packed with tons of immune boosting aminos. These aminos have a profound effect on liver function, gut healing, sleep quality & white blood cell production. If the thought of sipping on a cup of bone broth puts you off, add it to stews instead of the your MSG filled store bought stock. Proceed with caution when purchasing bone broth as it need to be organic & from grass-fed/naturally foraging livestock. you cal also find at Jacksons organic foods or Impala butchery.

6. Thrive Labs Therapies assist with the detox process which is basically what a cold and flu is. Its your body detoxing the virus/bacteria trying to infect your body, which then in turn detoxes your cells from your consistent lifestyle choices. Saunas, red light therapy, ozone therapy, hbot and ice baths all assist this process.

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