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Birth control is making you weak and in fact removing your ability to control birth

Birth control should be considered a crime against humanity! The female reproductive system is a marvel of nature, intricately designed to operate at its higher emotional, physical, and mental potential. Anything that is designed to stop something this incredible and powerful should be seen as an atrocity. At the heart of this magnificent system lies the menstrual cycle, often underestimated but essential for unleashing the true power of womanhood. The menstrual cycle is the foundation of the female power on Earth, representing the portal through which life is brought into this world. Embracing and nurturing this natural process is crucial for women to embrace their superpower and thrive in all aspects of their lives. Here is how birth control actually effects the female physiology:

1. Cutting the Signal from Brain to Ovaries:

Unlike a normal menstrual cycle, most birth control methods provide a consistent dose of synthetic estrogen and progestin throughout the entire cycle. This artificial surge of hormones suppresses the communication line between the brain and ovaries, potentially leading to long-term side effects like absent periods, low progesterone levels, PCOS, weight gain, thyroid issues, and migraines. For some women, this communication may never return, posing significant health concerns.

2. Excess Estrogen Can Be Carcinogenic:

Unopposed estrogen (not balanced by progesterone) can be harmful and has been historically associated with miscarriages and cancer. Studies have even shown that a combination of estrogen and progestin increased the incidence of breast cancer beyond safety thresholds. Raising estrogen levels artificially every day might not be as safe as previously assumed, especially when used long-term.

3. Excess Estrogen Is Toxic to the Liver:

The liver plays a crucial role in detoxifying and eliminating estrogen from the body. Excessive estrogen levels can burden the liver, leading to estrogen accumulation and potentially causing benign liver tumors. Women should be aware of this potential liver-related complication when considering birth control options.

4. Reduces Progesterone:

Progesterone is a vital hormone for females, as it supports fertility and a healthy pregnancy. it was given the name progesterone because of its "pro-gestational" effects. studies show that it relieves anxiety, improves mood, lowers stress, improves skin health protects brain. it's almost like a natural anti depressant, it can bind endotoxins, prevent recurrent miscarriages, oppose estrogen.. it's truly a remarkable hormone. It has a range of beneficial effects, including anxiety relief, mood improvement, stress reduction, and skin health. However, birth control can deprive women of natural progesterone, leading to potential hormonal imbalances and negative health implications.

5. Picking the Wrong Partner:

Pheromones and a partner's scent play a significant role in determining compatibility and attraction. However, the use of birth control disrupts these natural cues. Studies suggest that choosing a mate while on birth control can result in less stable and potentially more violent relationships. Being aware of this effect can help women make informed decisions about their relationships.

6. Decreased Libido:

Another potential side effect of birth control is a decrease in libido or changes in sexual desire. The alteration of hormone levels, particularly the suppression of testosterone, can impact sexual arousal and satisfaction for some women.

Tips for Women Coming off Birth Control:

If you are considering discontinuing birth control or have been using it, here are some tips to support your health during this transition:

  • Check your liver health and consider liver-supportive measures.

  • Consider natural ways to lower estrogen levels, such as including raw carrots in your diet.

  • Ensure adequate intake of vitamins A, D, E, and K, and support and test your thyroid function.

  • Engage in regular physical activity without overexerting yourself.

  • Test for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) in your gut.

  • Consume foods rich in magnesium, B vitamins, and selenium, such as steak and liver.

  • Aim to get at least 100 grams of protein daily to support hormonal balance and overall health.

  • Lastly, prioritize self-care, and consider the importance of a stress-free environment to support overall well-being.

As women, you possess an extraordinary superpower—the ability to bring life into this world through your menstrual cycle. Nature has designed your reproductive system to operate at its optimal potential, empowering you emotionally, physically, and mentally. By acknowledging and honouring the significance of the menstrual cycle, you can harness its power to unlock your highest potential.

Let's celebrate and embrace your natural rhythms, for they hold the key to your strength and vitality. As you flow with the rhythm of the menstrual cycle, you connect with the essence of womanhood, fostering a profound understanding of yourselves and your bodies. Through this connection, you can step into our authentic power and embrace the magic that lies within.

So, let us remember that your menstrual cycle is not a burden but a source of strength—a reminder of the incredible power you hold as women. Embrace your superpower, for it is the very foundation of life itself, shaping the destiny of generations to come. As you honour your bodies and embrace your natural design, you unleash your true potential and become the powerful creators of your reality. Walk proudly, knowing that the rhythm of your menstrual cycle is a reflection of the universe's harmony, and it is in this harmony that your true power resides.

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