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6 Week
Shed Program

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If you are looking to Shed that stubborn fat, increase muscle as well as boost your mental & physical energy & performance, then the 6 week Shred Program is exactly what you are looking for.

Thrive Labs has designed a program that will help you gain control of your biology. We will teach you to optimise your health into a sustainable lifestyle, allowing you reach your goals and potential in terms of body composition, daily energy and taking control of any weight and health challenges you might have.

After the 6 weeks you are guaranteed to feel more energy, observe a noticeable difference in mental clarity and focus, Improved mood and reduced stress and improved sleep as well as obviously a reduction body fat and increase muscle mass

What is included in this Program:
- 2 x Body composition analysis sessions with an initial consultation to set 
   up your 6 week schedule
- Exercise Plan (with 15-20min daily exercise requirement only)

- Unlimited access to Capoeira Valente martial art & fitness classes
- Nutrition Plan with some recipes to help you along the way
- Weekly access to ThriveLabs therapies over the 6 weeks:
    - 3 x IR Saunas per week
    - 3 x Red-light therapies per week
    - 5 x Ice baths per week
    - Unlimited Ozone insufflation therapies

Each individual will have a weekly schedule created for manageable and convenient** actioning. (**Convenient is objective in this case as creating new habits that boost your health can seem rather inconvenient but oh-so-rewarding)

Valued at R14 000 

Now Only R4000!!

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