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Winter - A time for comfort or a time to Optimise Health?

Winter has become synonymous with comfort eating, reduced exercise, and ultimately increased fat, lowered health and increased incidents of sickness. This goes against everything that nature intended. Fasting and healthy nutrition during winter aligns with our ancestral evolution and offers physiological benefits that support our overall health and well-being. Throughout human history, our ancestors faced periods of scarcity during the winter months when food was limited especially high energy sugar containing foods like fruits. As a result, they adapted to survive in these conditions by relying on stored body fat for energy due to their reduced intake of sugars and carbohydrates.

During the winter, the decrease in food availability triggers a series of physiological responses in our bodies. Firstly, when we fast, our insulin levels drop, which allows our cells to become more insulin sensitive. This means that our cells can efficiently utilize stored body fat as an energy source. Lowering our sugar intake further reduces the demand for insulin production and decreases the likelihood of insulin resistance, a condition associated with various metabolic disorders. Winter is a perfect time to practice intermittent fasting and reduce the sugars and processed foods as this lays the foundation for a healthy metabolism.

By lowering sugar intake, practicing intermittent fasting and eating whole foods, especially during the winter when our activity levels may naturally be lower, we reduce the strain on our metabolic system, promote stable blood sugar levels, and support a healthy weight and immune function.

Additionally, fasting promotes autophagy, a cellular process in which damaged or dysfunctional components within our cells are broken down and recycled. This process helps to remove toxins, repair cellular damage, and maintain cellular health. By embracing fasting during winter, we tap into this natural mechanism of cellular cleansing, which supports longevity and overall health. Our incredibly sacred females out there have a bit more of a complex approach to Nutrition and fasting due to their god like ability to bring life into this world. Getting familiar with your cycle, its phases, and what the body needs during those phases will undoubtably help you navigate towards your goals. i will dive deeper into this subject in a future post. so keep an eye out for this.

From an ancestral perspective, adapting our eating patterns to align with the natural cycles of scarcity and abundance that our ancestors experienced during the winter helps to optimize our physiological functions. It taps into our evolutionary adaptations, allowing our bodies to function optimally and maintain a state of balance.

Maintaining a strong and most importantly, consistent training routine throughout winter is one of the best health hacks. This has the potential to accelerate your body's ability to burn fat and increase muscle, especially when spring arrives. My personal recommendation is to stay away from endurance type sports and focus on strength training and HIIT style workouts.

Winter is the perfect opportunity to lay the foundations for a healthy mind, body and soul. It is a matter of making one good decision at a time, deliberately choosing discomfort, and ultimately loving yourself enough to provide what your body truly thrives off.

It is important to note that individual needs may vary, and it is always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before making any significant changes to your diet or lifestyle, especially if you have underlying health conditions.

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